Let’s talk about Nepotism

Currently the whole nation is awakening and is raging with the topic ‘Nepotism’. Everyone is putting their thoughts out by writing blogs, sharing pictures, videos, comments to highlight the scenario and the consequences associated with it. The real question that is prevailing is “Has it all started now?” “Is there something wrong in it?” Should it be stopped? Before all these, one needs to know what nepotism is.

Jul, 2020

Acting as a career option?

The profession of actor is demanding and difficult as any other profession, it requires a considerable amount of investment, hardwork and patience and the return it brings is invaluable satisfaction. There are millions dreaming of a great career in cinema or theater, climbing the canes of the Cannes festival under applause and flashes, crying, receiving an Oscar, earning millions for a film, rubbing shoulders with the greatest of this world.

Jun, 2020

How to transform your acting from a hobby to a professional career?

A lot of questions arises asking whether acting is a profession or a hobby? At first we must say that acting is an art which becomes our hobby and then many of us transform it as our profession. Generally people think that acting is a fun profession and it's the easiest job anyone can ever do. However, the journey of an actor begins way before the start of the shooting. The moment an actor receives the brief of his character, his/her journey begins. One needs to interiorize the character, bring it from the depths and transform it to an actual entity to which the audience can relate and believe.

Jun, 2020