With FirstCut, you share your audition videos directly with casting directors & production houses. You don't have to be physically present saving your time and money in your journey to stardom! Our algorithm software ensures that you will receive only relevant information thus making it easier for you to use the app.

FirstCut is available to be downloaded at the Apple App Store & Google Play.

Absolutely! Your audition videos will only be seen by FirstCut registered production houses according to their requirements. Their authorized personnel will view videos on a safe platform.

You will get an Instant notification on your smartphone via the apps as decided by the viewing production house.

You will be notified via the FirstCut app on your Smartphone.

Your audition getting a positive response from the production house will mean that you will be entitled to a face to face final audition as required by the production house. The final decision will lie with them.

Depending on the distance and the casting director's schedule you will be given adequate time to travel.

You can apply to unlimited auditions at the same time on FirstCut.

No, all correspondence is notified via the app.

No you cannot try for the same role.

You can use this code to refer your friends to FirstCut and earn reward points.
You can either share your referral code with your friends to be entered manually at the time of creating their accounts or share your custom link on chat or social media.

You can find the referral code in "Refer and Earn" section.

You can earn reward points by:
- Referring the app to your friends
- Completing the profile
- Giving auditions
- Sharing and liking FirstCut page on social media.

Reward points can be redeemed to get the premium listing of your audition.



FirstCut was born as a result of a passion to help the spotlight find the brightest talent for the entertainment industry. The idea was born with the coming together of creative media, advertising & marketing professionals with a primary vision to remove the struggle and heartaches on the journey to success.