How to transform your acting from a hobby to a professional career?

A lot of questions arises asking whether acting is a profession or a hobby? At first we must say that acting is an art which becomes our hobby and then many of us transform it as our profession. Generally people think that acting is a fun profession and it's the easiest job anyone can ever do. However, the journey of an actor begins way before the start of the shooting. The moment an actor receives the brief of his character, his/her journey begins. One needs to interiorize the character, bring it from the depths and transform it to an actual entity to which the audience can relate and believe.

Stages involved in depicting a character

There is a specific step through which one can depict the character in a perfect manner. Under which an important part is that the artist must grab the emotion of the character for expressing it in front of the audience. Checkout the stages involved for depicting a character below.

Practice > Audition > Selection > Brief of Character > Script > Research and Interiorization of Character > Grabbing the emotion of character > Deliver the Act

Opportunities for an Actor

There are different type of opportunities available in the market which one can grasp on the way to become successful in this profession:

  1. Camera Acting - Camera Acting has ease the process of acting and film making after its introduction. As we can take different shots as per the level of perfection and comfort of our opinion. Camera Acting offers the opportunities to the actors to excel in their career.
  2. Theatre acting – Theatre Acting helps the actors to learn the basic art behind acting. Ayushmann Khurrana said that one can learn the method of acting while working in a theatre. As, we do not have a chance of a second take in theatres it makes us learn consistency and confidence.
  3. Acting in web series - At the present time web series has brought a lot of change in the acting industry. Even the big screen actors have entered the world of web series and if a new actor is getting his/her break in a web series then it’s more than an achievement.
  4. Commercials acting - Generally the models with a dream of acting get a role for commercial’s acting. It brings good opportunities for actors as if they perform better here then they can get a good opportunity to work on small/big screens.
  5. Background acting - Background artist plays an important role in any play, movie or series. They get an opportunity to complete and frame any scene. One can learn a lot about the profession of acting through background Acting.
  6. Supportive Role Acting - These are the actors who bring life to a character, plot or story. They make the character alive. They are the real hero working hard to make the scenes perfect.
  7. Faculty in Drama School - Much of the actors' job opportunities are in the film, television, theater and audiovisual production industries; however, there is also a possibility that they will be hired as acting teachers in drama schools.

Earlier the actors used to run behind the casting directors, travelling across the states and standing in long queues for getting a role. However, there was no assurity of getting selected. But, these days digital platforms have taken a boom and applications like FirstCut have made things easier as they can easily upload their monologue over the app and the casting directors can select them for the relevant role depending upon their talent.

Principles of becoming an Actor

The journey is not going to be a cake walk however to make it a little simple, check out the following:

  • Be yourself and do not copy others
  • Ace public speaking
  • Study and rehearse the lines, gestures, and expressions to portray a character as part of preparing for an audition.
  • Carry out an in depth independent investigation of the character to be played.
  • Be consistent with giving auditions.
  • Learn from Rejections
  • Memorize and rehearse the scenes multiple times with other Actors.
  • Improvise, if necessary, a character.

Beyond all these, an actor is supposed to be a team player as he has to work with “N” number of people such as Directors, Assistant Directors and other Actors in order to discuss the character and to also improve the staging.

With choreographers or instructors who are designated for singing, dancing or fight sequence. An actor should also be a good orator as they need to communicate with audiences in the live platforms  while promoting their show/ movie and even while giving interviews, live stage performances, podcasts, making public appearances,  press conferences as well.


We must not judge any career option just by following some stereotypical beliefs. Each and every career opportunity is equally important. Acting is also a demanding profession, as it requires a lot of effort and training. Every day in the Actor's life contributes to constant learning. It is important to keep in mind that, in order to develop in this area, Actors must frequently take new risks and leave their comfort zone; The more versatile they are, the greater your chances of getting job offers.

“What you learn during your days of struggle becomes a part of who you are” said Ranveer Singh