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Why FirstCut?

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The Struggler

Because this is where you find all the action !
And none of the long queues and endless wait for that 'Ek Maukha'
which may never come.

So now you can cut to the chase with FirstCut!

Lights, Camera, FirstCut!

FirstCut is a revolutionary app that gets aspiring actors and casting agencies on one platform.
It allows audition video uploads to be viewed by casting directors and production houses directly in a secure and private platform.

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You say Action & You say Cut!

It cant get any more simple. FirstCut allows you to record your audition video, upload it on the app and showcase your talent .
All without even stepping out of your home!

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Jump the line "coz its Show time"

Your audition video at FirstCut will be straightaway viewed by the best production houses .

OnFirstCutyou will also view multiple audition opportunities for Movie and Television roles. Thus increasing your chances to be chosen for your talent.

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No long wait to know your fate!

Once your audition is viewed, you are notified immediately via the app about what to do next.

The app also recommends and guides you to casting auditions so its that much easier to reach multiple casting directors.

The Golden Opportunity is finally yours!

Finally a star in the making. While FirstCut ensures your first step to stardom is the easiest.
When your audition is a hit you will be contacted by the production house for the next step.

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About Us

"Star kids have it made!"

"If you don't have a God father in the industry you cant make it"

We at FirstCut say cut the crap, choose our app!

FirstCut was born as a result of a passion to help the spotlight find the brightest talent for the entertainment industry. The idea was born with the coming together of creative media, advertising & marketing professionals with a primary vision to remove the struggle and heartaches on the journey to success. The Team endlessly endeavours to facilitate auditions online and connect casting agencies, casting directors and film production houses to the app users immediately and securely not once but multiple times right from the comfort of home.


How is FirstCut different from other casting apps?

With FirstCut, you share your audition videos directly with casting directors & production houses. You don't have to be physically present saving your time and money in your journey to stardom! Our algorithm software ensures that you will receive only relevant information thus making it easier for you to use the app.

How do I download FirstCut app to my phone?

FirstCut is available to be downloaded at the Apple App Store & Google Play.

Do I have to pay a commission fee to FirstCut on final selection?

No, FirstCut only helps you to connect with production houses for your Audition.

Are my uploaded videos secure from public viewing?

Absolutely! Your audition videos will only be seen by FirstCut registered production houses according to their requirements. Their authorized personnel will view videos on a safe platform.

How will I know status of my online audition?

You will get an Instant notification on your smartphone via the apps as decided by the viewing production house.

How will I be notified about newauditions? Only via the app or will I get call/email too

You will be notified via the FirstCut app on your Smartphone.

Will my audition being selected via FirstCut mean that I get the role?

Your audition getting a positive response from the production house will mean that you will be entitled to a face to face final audition as required by the production house. The final decision will lie with them.

Will I get enough notice to travel to meet the casting director/production house?

Depending on the distance and the casting director's schedule you will be given adequate time to travel.

Can I audition for various auditions at the same time on FirstCut?

You can apply to unlimited auditions at the same time on FirstCut.

Will I have access to production house contact person once my audition is selected?

No, all correspondence is notified via the app.

If my audition is not selected at first attempt, can I try again for same role

No you cannot try for the same role.

What is a Referral Code?

You can use this code to refer your friends to FirstCut and earn reward points.
You can either share your referral code with your friends to be entered manually at the time of creating their accounts or share your custom link on chat or social media.

Where can I find the Referral Code?

You can find the referral code in "Refer and Earn " section

How can I earn reward points?

You can earn reward points by:
- Referring the app to your friends
- Completing the profile
- Giving auditions
- Sharing and liking FirstCut page on social media.

How can I redeem my reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed to get the premium listing of your audition.

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